Top Rated Local

Pennsylvania's Top Rated Local® Self Storage Centers Award Winner: Oakridge Storage

Storage Tips

  • Disassemble your furniture to the greatest extent possible.
  • Raise all furniture, especially upholstered items, off the floor for ventilation.
  • Avoid plastic-wrapping furniture for storage.
  • Cover furniture with a porous canvas or linen cover to allow moisture to move freely.
  • Polish and wax leather furniture to condition before storing.
  • Apply linseed oil or furniture polish to moisturize wood furniture and discourage mold.
  • Cover mattresses with a mattress storage bag and store standing up vertically without direct contact to the floor.
  • Avoid over-packing your storage unit, which can interfere with proper ventilation.
  • Opt for sturdy boxes (stack better) over plastic bags (trap humidity).
  • Avoid storing electronics in an outdoor unit.
  • Take the recommended steps to properly store large appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators and ovens.
  • Never store food products, including pet food and bird seed, to avoid attracting unwanted pests. This includes vacuuming upholstered furniture for crumbs.
  • Verify that your stored items are adequately insured.
  • Invest some time researching storage suggestions beforehand.
  • If possible, plan frequent visits to your storage unit to check on your items.