Top Rated Local

Pennsylvania's Top Rated Local® Self Storage Centers Award Winner: Oakridge Storage

Rules & Policies

Driving within the facility:

  • Gate Use: Proceed through the gate one vehicle at a time. (no tailgating)
  • Speed Limit is 5mph within the facility. Blind corners may block your view.
  • Stops signs are posted.  Follow these for your safety and the safety of others.
  • When possible, allow space for others to drive around you when loading or unloading.

Unit Rules:

  • Management reserves the right to close the facility due to weather or safety issues without notice.
  • Insurance is required and the tenant’s responsibility.
  • No sleeping at the facility.
  • No overnight parking on premises without management approval.
  • Portable heaters are prohibited.
  • No pets on premises.
  • Storing alcoholic beverages, flammable/explosive substances, perishable foods, and all unlawful items are prohibited.
  • Notify manager of any damage or unusual occurrences on the premises as soon as possible.

Payment Rules:

  • All Rental Payments are due on first of the month (unless arranged with management).
  • Late charges are posted after 5 days late, and your unit will be over-locked.
  • If you have not paid your bill, your gate code will be suspended.

Moving Out:

  • When moving, empty and sweep your unit clean, return pallets to the pallet unit (D03) & remove your lock.
  • Call the office to notify management within 24 hours when you have moved out.
  • Failure to follow these procedures may result in continued rent accrual and/or a clean out fee.